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Privacy Policy

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns of Internet users. ProWeb portal respects the privacy of all individuals who visit our site and our services.

Information of what we are sharing
ProWeb page, we may ask you to inherit personal info. This could be your name, e-mail, or other contact information.
We use this information for various purposes:
To inform you about new products or product innovations, as you so request.
To provide you with your desired information there gameplanetist or product offerings.
To classify our users and correspondents, so we can better monitor the issues and concerns.
We do not sell information collected to third companies or partners. All collected information is used only for own consumption.
How do we protect your information
Gameplanet use strong precautions to protect your data loss, misuse or unauthorized access. Private information is not allowed access to someone from outside the portal.
Deleting Your Information
If you have to give it our ProWebile information and would like to erase from the register, you can do so at any time by sending us an e-mail or the contents of their own user account settings tab.
Credit Card Numbers
ProWeb not collect and store your credit card number. They do this by entering data through a secure encrypted connections pangalinkide or PayPal pages, not on our portal.
Contact us
If you have questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us through the contact page.